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Office space Rama Road

Office space Rama Road near moti nagar available for Rent

commercial office space for rent in Rama road Moti Nagar
commercial office space for rent in Rama road Moti Nagar
commercial office space for rent in Rama road , moti Nagar
commercial office space for rent in Rama road , moti Nagar
office for rent on Rama Road, moti Nagar
office for rent on Rama Road, moti Nagar

Office space Rama Road is space on commercial land is at Very Attractive Location.

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Flat for rent available on Rama road , moti nagar, New Delhi


One Office have many things.
Firstly is made up of Space .
Secondly with workforces.
Employeesof the organistion have to work.
Thirdly office require to employees to work. So they require to sit and work Furniture.
Fourthly use of electronics computer, printer, telephone, and other accesories.
And final Result is office.
Today in changing Enviornment one has to change with time .

Working Place i.e Office

In Short Office is a Place where person works entire day and Morover wants to grow in his career.
Undoubtely only he works hard but also want to have good Results of his work.
As a result he expects that he should get more salary and in addition to that a rise in his career.
In Office firstly the enviornment should be cool and calm.secondly his sitting Posture is also very important.
Thirdly lights in the office should be bright.last but not the least work enviornment is friendly.


Together with Interiors of Office should be of sober sametime color of walls is also important.
Similarly Contrast colors use give diffrent Look to office. Likewise chairs have a Contrast to Table Color.
Furthermore Aircondtioned Enviornment clearly helps employee to work without sweating.
And pantry in office give them take a breath while working hard.
Besides good Chairs the color of table in contrast to the chairs give +ve Energy to employee when he enters in office.
Above all cupboards are also important for storage of files and documents.
Otherwise office will not have any systems.Last but not the Least storage systems has its importance in office.

Electrical Fixtures          

Office is to save Electricity firstly as owner is always concerned about savings.

Secondly use of LED bulbs and LED Lights which not only saves Electricity but at the same time get better lights at the little Low cost.

In Like manner using of inverter Airconditions not only saves energy consumption but also financial benefits are equally important.

Similarly Use of Refrigerator of five star rating in the Pantry also reduces the cost of energy.

Equally important is to use LEd tube Lights instead of traditional Lights.

Similarly Fans are also available of Five Star rating which not only saves energy but cost also reduce tremendously.

Together with this use of microwave also saves lot of energy as Comparision to traditional oven.

Morever staff is to be trained when he leave office he/she should switch off his lights.

likewise staff not working in office and finds any switch is on should switch off that light.

Equally each staff member in the office is trained to switch off the lights which are not in use.


Flooring should also match to color of interiors.

Apart from flooring the paneling should also match roof and furniture.

If False ceiling is there in the office then Light fixtures should be matching to color and shade of false ceiling.

Colors of flooring should be used in Contrast to the color of furniture or similar color will also works well.

Colors of chair should be in contrast to floorings.

Similarly roof should be of white shade which gives lot of reflection. likewise Walls should also have bright colors.

Similarly cabinet should use commercial board instead of prelaminated Board.

Alternatively one can use steel File cabinet instead od wooden cabinet.

Similarly Steel Cabinet is safe in compare to wooden cabinet. likewise plastic cabinet is also safe.

But at the same time plastic cabinet is not that rugged.

Equally Important is Commutation of employee. In addition to bus service if there is metro service in that area.   

Office For Rent on Pusa Road Available.

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